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Lawn-Boy 1950-2000 Service Manual     (140.9 MByte; 639 pages)

Due to how difficult it was to find even one page of this document, I am making the page available here:

Salvation Army: Let's Talk About Racism, Page 2     (252 KByte; 1 pages)

Samples of My Singing:

Song 1: "Crying"
Song 2: "The Lord's Prayer [A Cappella]"
Song 3: "Hallelujah [Christmas Lyrics]"
    Live recording during Christmas church service. Congregation joins during Hallelujah chorus.
Song 4: "One Drop Of Blood [Home Studio]"
    Test Setup
Song 5: "One Drop Of Blood [Live]"
    Live recording during church service. Begins with sound booth error.

For Simon
    High-drama Music

"Harmless" Tube-type Stereo Amplifier for Guitar Amp Builders